Are you crazy about city bus driving? Here is your chance to hone the bus driver  skills in you by playing ​Euro Bus Driving Simulator 2019. 

Take a detour across various city suburbs! Euro Bus Driving Simulator 2019 offers  you a chance to explore various spots within a city on s single bus route. Drive  your passenger bus across different pickup spots and drop them at predestined  location. Move up from one level to the next too unlock different map locations  of the bus simulation game. When it comes to adventurous bus driving, the Euro  Bus Driving Simulator 2019 surpasses all its bus games competitors.  

Experience the most interactive passenger bus simulation! Did you really think  bus driving was easy? This bus simulation game will force you to reconsider your  decision by challenging you at every step of the way. From reaching the pickup  spots and waiting for passengers to board to calculating the exact moment of  moving the bus and dropping passengers at their destination, the Euro Bus  Driving Simulator 2019 is a thrilling bus driver simulator.  

Hustle! Or you will be late. City bus never has a minute to waste and that is  where you will have the most fun in playing this bus simulator. Every route has a  timer clock ticking right in front of your eyes so that you can complete the route  within the specified time frame or you will lose! 

Choose from an impressive range of city bus models! Want to spice things up  and upgrade your passenger bus to a better one? This amazing bus simulation  game offers an interesting array of striking bus models which are all classified on  the basis of torque, power, weight and grip. Unlock your rankings to get access  to smoother and more powerful bus models from one of the best bus games.  

Interactive simulation controls! This driving simulation game is all about teaching  you how to become a professional bus driver. Multi-task as you control the  steering, speed, acceleration, indicator, fuel level and honk while complying  with the route timer. We bet you are already getting that adrenaline rush! 

How to play: 

  • Launch the game and hit the Play button
  • Choose your bus type and pick a location
  • Carefully read the objectives given to you at the start of every level 
  • Use the accelerator, brake and honk options to control the bus  
  • Pickup and drop off passengers from one destination to the next
  • Win and earn new rankings  

Features of Euro Bus Driving Simulator 2019: 

  • Interactive simulation controls demanding multi-tasking from the driver
  • Unlock levels to unlock new bus types and locations
  • Timer and objectives to add thrill to every ride
  • Adjustable Left/right Indicator, speedometer, steering wheel and fuel  controls
  • Side map view for better navigation of the route
  • Earn points and redeem daily gifts
  • In-app help and one-click settings

Would you like to get your hands on of the most-played simulations bus games  ever? Euro bus Driving Simulator 2019 awaits you. Download now! 

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